MacTac PermaGard SAG 38 1.5 mil Gloss Anti-Graffiti Laminate (54" x 150')



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Product Description:

Discover the ultimate solution in graphic protection with the MacTac PermaGard SAG 38, a high-performance anti-graffiti and window protection film. This 1.5 mil, high gloss laminate is designed for optimal durability and clarity. It's an ideal choice for safeguarding your graphic images against graffiti, UV degradation, dirt, and moisture, ensuring longevity and pristine condition.


  • Optical Clarity: Boasting an ultra-clear, durable polyester face, the SAG 38 laminate ensures perfect see-through quality when applied over perforated window films, making it ideal for promotional graphics.
  • UV and Graffiti Protection: Enhanced with excellent UV protection, this laminate guards against sun damage while offering superior resistance to graffiti, allowing for easy cleaning without damaging the underlying graphic.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive: Equipped with an optically clear, acrylic adhesive, the product guarantees a secure bond without the need for heat or messy coating operations.
  • Versatility: Perfect for laminating photographic prints, transparencies, and various inkjet prints, the SAG 38 enhances the impact resistance of windows and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Ease of Use: This laminate can be wet applied directly to windows and mirrors, or first laminated to a pressure-sensitive print media.
  • Durability: Offering up to 2 years of outdoor durability and up to 5 years indoors, this film maintains the quality of your graphics over time.


  • Ideal for smooth, flat surface applications requiring graffiti protection.
  • Suitable for laminating to various print media for enhanced graphic protection.

Not Recommended For:

  • Riveted, embossed, or curved surfaces.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 150 feet
  • Finish: Clear, High Gloss
  • Liner: 1.5 mil Clear Polyester (PET)

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Elevate the longevity and appearance of your graphics with MacTac PermaGard SAG 38 – the clear choice for premium protection!



Extra Information

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What is MacTac PermaGard SAG 38 and what are its primary uses?:
The MacTac PermaGard SAG 38 is a 1.5 mil high gloss, optically clear anti-graffiti laminate designed for protecting graphic images. It offers excellent UV and graffiti protection, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's comm
Can the SAG 38 film be applied to curved surfaces?:
The SAG 38 is not recommended for application on riveted, embossed, or curved surfaces. It's designed primarily for smooth, flat surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion and performance.
How durable is the MacTac PermaGard SAG 38 laminate?:
The MacTac PermaGard SAG 38 laminate offers up to 2 years of durability outdoors and up to 5 years indoors. This longevity helps protect your graphics from external elements over an extended period.
Is the laminate easy to clean if it gets graffitied?:
Yes, one of the key benefits of the SAG 38 laminate is its graffiti-resistant feature. If tagged, graffiti can be easily cleaned off using most commercially available graffiti-removing cleaners that do not contain grit, without damaging the graphic b
Does the film provide UV protection?:
Absolutely! The SAG 38 laminate includes UV resistance to help protect against sun damage and extend the life of your underlying graphic.
Can I apply this film myself or do I need a professional?:
While the SAG 38 can be wet applied directly to windows and mirrors, we recommend application with a professional laminator, especially for larger or more complex projects, to ensure the best results.
Is the SAG 38 film clear enough for window applications?:
Yes, the SAG 38 film is ultra-clear and high gloss, making it an excellent choice for window applications where optical clarity is important.