MacTac IMAGin RoughRAP 2.0 mil Gloss White Permanent


$479.99 - $949.99

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$479.99 - $949.99


Introducing IMAGin RoughRAP 2.0 mil Gloss White Permanent 54" x 150' - Your Ultimate Solution for Challenging Surface Graphics!

Revolutionize the way you approach surface graphics with IMAGin RoughRAP 2.0 mil Gloss White Permanent. This extraordinary product from the renowned brand IMAGinLiner is now available at Kirin Global Supplies, ready to take your creative endeavors to new heights.

Product Overview:

IMAGin RoughRAP 2.0 mil Gloss White Permanent is not just a print media – it's a game-changer. Designed with innovation in mind, this cast PVC print media boasts a remarkable 2.0 mil thickness, ensuring durability and longevity that stand the test of time. Its glossy white surface brings life to your graphics, making them pop and capture attention.

Unmatched Conformability: The highlight of RoughRAP lies in its unparalleled conformability. Its highly flexible nature allows it to adhere flawlessly to even the most challenging surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's rugged exterior brick walls or intricate interior textures, this media handles it all with ease, creating a seamless and professional look.

Powerful Adhesive: Equipped with a high tack, permanent, and opaque acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, RoughRAP ensures your graphics stay put exactly where you want them. Say goodbye to concerns about peeling or detachment, as this adhesive provides a steadfast grip that endures various conditions.

Exceptional Durability: IMAGin RoughRAP doesn't just make your graphics look great – it ensures they stay that way. With an industry-leading 18-month outdoor durability, your designs remain vibrant and captivating, no matter the elements they face.

Safety and Compliance: Your peace of mind is a priority. RoughRAP is designed to meet fire ratings like Class A ASTM E84-01, ANSI/NFPA 255, and IFC 8-1, assuring its safety and suitability for various environments.

Easy Application and Removal: For interior applications where glare is a concern, opt for Mactac Rayzor matte laminate to ensure a zero-glare finish that's easy on the eyes. To extend graphic life and simplify installation and removal, consider using Mactac Rayzor overlaminate.

Print Compatibility: No matter your preferred printing technology, RoughRAP has you covered. Compatible with Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, and Latex printing, it seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow.

Elevate your graphic game with IMAGin RoughRAP 2.0 mil Gloss White Permanent. Trust in its conformability, durability, and adhesive strength to bring your designs to life on any challenging surface. Join the ranks of professionals who rely on RoughRAP to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary showcases.

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Extra Information

Brand Name:
Vinyl (PVC)
Liner Category:
90# White Polycoated Paper
Outdoor Durability:
Up to 1.5 Years
Print Method:
Latex, Solvent and Eco-solvent inkjet, Latex, UV, UV Inkjet
2.0 mil