Designed to replicate an automotive paint-like finish, ORACAL® Series 970RA Premium Wrapping Film is our flagship product. With over 100 color and finish options, you can find the perfect style to take your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary. Our gloss finish is unrivaled due to its unique dual layer construction that gives your vehicle the “wet paint” look. But if you really want to stand out, you may be interested in our matte finish films--nothing sets off the lines of a vehicle like a matte or metallic matte finish. We were the first to introduce our product in matte black, a move that got the automotive restyling industry’s attention and led an industry-wide shift from commercial use to consumer customization. Because 970RA has served in both commercial and consumer applications for so many years, you can trust the reliability and durability our product can offer to you and your customization needs.