ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ - The Ultimate Signage Solution



Expected release date is May 31st 2023


ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ - The Ultimate Signage Solution

Upgrade your signage game with the latest innovation from Orafol, the ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™. This cutting-edge film is now available at Kirin Global Supplies at wholesale prices, bringing you unbeatable quality and value for your signage needs.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're looking for medium- to long-term general signage, print and cut spot vehicle graphics, boat graphics, or automotive and boat wraps that require limited conformability, the ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ has got you covered. With its exceptional performance across various applications, this film offers endless creative possibilities.

Unparalleled Durability: Built to withstand the test of time, the ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ boasts an impressive unprinted durability of 7 years. When printed and laminated, it delivers outstanding results based on different climate zones:

  • Climate Zone 1: Up to 6 years
  • Climate Zone 2: Up to 4 years
  • Climate Zone 3: Up to 2 years

Experience peace of mind knowing that your signage will remain vibrant and eye-catching, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Advanced Air Release Technology: Say goodbye to tedious and frustrating installations. The ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ features RapidAir® + ProSlide® technology, a groundbreaking air release system that ensures quicker, easier, and bubble-free application. Air bubbles easily escape underneath the film, saving you time and effort while achieving a flawless finish.

Remarkable Features: The ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ stands out with its remarkable attributes:

  • Thickness: 2.75 mil for a sleek and professional look
  • Release Liner: 88# PE-coated silicone paper for optimal application convenience
  • Adhesive: Grey, solvent-based, repositionable, and low-initial-tack adhesive that can be easily removed with heat
  • Clean Removal: Safely remove the film from most well-conditioned OEM automotive paint systems up to 4 years after application
  • Colors & Finish: Available in brilliant white with a glossy surface that enhances the visual impact of your designs
  • Lengths: Choose from 150' (50-yard) rolls for efficient and cost-effective projects
  • Widths: Available in 54 inches and 60 inches to suit your specific requirements
  • Print Compatibility: Works seamlessly with latex, solvent, eco-solvent, and UV curable printing technologies, ensuring compatibility with your preferred printing method.

Elevate your signage projects with ORAJET® 3551RA+ ProSlide™ - the go-to choice for professionals who demand exceptional quality and hassle-free installations. Order now from Kirin Global Supplies at wholesale prices and unlock the full potential of your signage endeavors.

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