Orajet 3951GRA w/ Proslide Technology 54" x 50yds

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Orajet 3951GRA w/ Proslide Technology 

Oracal offers a wide range of professional films for complete and partial vehicle wraps, including Command Form films for the most demanding applications (including boat wraps) and RapidAir films with advanced air channel technology for quicker and easier installations. All Oracal wrapping films are splice-free and featured a repositionable gray-tinted adhesive, removability for up to 4 years and outstanding print quality. NOW w/ ProSlide Technology.
We recommend Oraguard 290 which is our most durable and conformable cast PVC laminating film or 289GF for a PVC Free Laminate
Designed specifically to conform to irregular surfaces such as vehicle wraps and other fleet vehicles.
Featuring advanced air-release technology and proslide technology to facilitate quicker, easier application.