Orafol Branded Red Felt Squeegee




Upgrade your vinyl application toolkit with the ORAFOL® branded Red Teflon Squeegee with one felt wrapped edge, available at Kirin Global Supplies. This high-quality squeegee features a durable Teflon edge that is gentle on your vinyl while providing excellent pressure and control. It's one felt wrapped edge helps to reduce the risk of surface scratches or damages. The squeegee is suitable for a variety of applications, including window tint, paint protection film, and vinyl graphic installation. With its vibrant red color, this ORAFOL® branded squeegee is sure to stand out in your collection. Add this essential tool to your vinyl application supplies and experience the difference in your finished product. Shop now and take your vinyl application to the next level with the ORAFOL® branded Red Teflon Squeegee!

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