Mactac B-Free® Frosted & Dusted Bubble Free Window Film


$397.78 - $794.00

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$397.78 - $794.00


Introducing Mactac B-Free® Frosted Bubble Free Window Film (SKU: JX5796MBFV2) and B-Free® Dusted Bubble Free Window Film (SKU: JX5999MBFV2) – Your Solution for Effortless Window Enhancement!

Enhance your windows with the innovative Mactac B-Free® Frosted and Dusted Bubble Free Window Films, now available at Kirin Global Supplies. These premium window films offer a seamless way to transform your glass surfaces with elegance and clarity. Whether you're looking to create a frosted aesthetic for privacy or showcase vibrant printed graphics, these films are designed to exceed your expectations.

Key Features:

  • Polymeric PVC Translucent Vinyl: Crafted with a high-quality 3.1 Mil Polymeric PVC material, these window films come in three stunning finishes: Matte Frosted and Clear Gloss. Choose the option that perfectly complements your design vision.

  • Bubble Free Adhesive Technology: Say goodbye to the hassle of bubbles and wrinkles during installation. Our Bubble Free adhesive technology ensures a smooth and effortless application process, resulting in flawless glass surfaces.

  • Micro Air Egress Pattern: The new Micro Air Egress pattern eliminates squeegee lines and enhances clarity, guaranteeing a pristine appearance for your window graphics.

  • Easy Handling and Quick Installation: With improved handling characteristics, these films enable even faster and easier installation. Transform your windows with efficiency and precision.

  • Versatile Applications: Tailored for medium to long term window advertising and illuminated signage, these films are ideal for both printed and unprinted privacy applications. Note that the B-Free Clear variant is perfect for use in printed and unprinted window graphics, privacy screening, and internally illuminated signs.

  • Print Compatibility: Enjoy flexibility in printing methods. These films are compatible with Eco-Solvent, Solvent, Latex, and UV printing, as well as UV GEL (Frosted variant only).

  • Optimal Durability: Experience long-lasting quality. These films boast 5 to 7 years of outdoor durability, ensuring your designs stay vibrant and captivating over time.

  • Important Note: To achieve the best results, avoid mixing V1 and V2 matte frosted panels near each other. The distinction between the two versions is noticeable.

  • Application Guidelines: Always install using a soft felt squeegee with light, even pressure. For specific details, refer to the provided PDB Information Sheets. Please note that wet application is not recommended.

Elevate your window aesthetics with the Mactac B-Free® Frosted Bubble Free Window Film (SKU: JX5796MBFV2) and B-Free® Dusted Bubble Free Window Film (SKU: JX5999MBFV2). Whether you're aiming for a sophisticated frosted look or seeking to showcase captivating graphics, these films offer an unmatched blend of quality, ease of installation, and durability.

Discover the possibilities and explore the world of premium window enhancement with Mactac B-Free® Frosted and Dusted Bubble Free Window Films, available exclusively at Kirin Global Supplies. For profiles and further assistance, visit Mactac's ICC Profiles.

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