LuminousFlex™ - Neon Colors & White - Glow in the Dark HTV (SHEETS)

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LuminousFlex™ is a glow-in-the-dark heat transfer vinyl. This HTV is soft and thin, taking on finer details with grace. It feels and acts similarly to ThermoFlex® Plus! Our LuminousFlex™ gives your design an unexpected bright glow when the lights go out.

LuminousFlex™ is suitable for sportswear, leisurewear, and many other applications. Glow-in-the-dark designs are very popular and will make your decoration stand out from the crowd!

There are three types of LuminousFlex™-

  • LF-4790 is thicker, has a non-sticky carrier, and no stretch. Has a green glow.
  • LF-4791 has a blue, sticky carrier and has a little stretch. Has a green glow.
  • White & Neons have a sticky carrier and a little stretch. Glow varies by material.

Once pressed, all have a gorgeous glow and a soft feel!


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