Arlon Series V3370 Overlaminate - 5 Year Manufacture Warranty on Horizontal Surfaces


$526.45 - $585.00

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$526.45 - $585.00


Arlon Series V3370 OverLaminate

Upgrade your graphics with the Arlon Series V3370 over laminate, designed to provide superior protection and a stunning finish. This premium, 1.5-mil (38 micron) non-PVC film is crafted with a water-based formulation and features a clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive. Perfect for long-lasting graphics, the Arlon Series V3370 offers an extended durability of up to 12 years (unprinted), ensuring your visuals remain vibrant and protected over time.

Key Features:

  • Extended Durability: Up to 12 years of protection for unprinted graphics.
  • High-Gloss Finish: Delivers a beautiful high-gloss look with exceptional gloss retention.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resists harsh chemicals like IPA, ethanol, gasoline, ethyl acetate, and various cleaners.
  • Scratch Recovery: Built-in properties to recover from scratches, maintaining a pristine appearance.
  • High Heat Tolerance: Reduces potential rework and scrap by preventing the film from burning and sticking to itself after heat application.
  • Fire Tested: Achieved a Class A rating under ASTM E-84 for fire safety.


  • Face Film Thickness: 1.5 mil / 38 micron
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Adhesive: Permanent (clear)
  • Release Liner: Clay coated
  • Durability (Unprinted): Up to 12 years
  • Roll Widths: 54" / 60"
  • Roll Length: 50 yards

Recommended Vinyl:

  • SLX®+
  • DPF V9700
  • DPF 4600GLX/MLX
  • DPF 8200 High Tack
  • DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack
  • Fusion Wrap

Ensure your graphics withstand the test of time and harsh conditions with the Arlon Series V3370 over laminate. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty in Arizona, this over laminate is the ultimate choice for premium protection and an exceptional high-gloss finish.

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