Arlon Series 3210 - 1.3-mil Cast Premium Cast Overlaminate (Gloss Finish)


Series 3210
$216.16 - $605.51

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$216.16 - $605.51


Arlon Series 3210 Overlaminate - Gloss Finish, 7-Year Durability*

Enhance the longevity and visual appeal of your graphics with the Arlon Series 3210 Overlaminate. Crafted from a high-quality gloss cast vinyl film, this overlaminate is designed to protect your printed images while providing an eye-catching pop to your graphics. With its clear, permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, Series 3210 ensures a secure and lasting bond.

Key Benefits:

  1. Exceptional Conformability: The ultra-thin 1.3-mil (35-micron) thickness of Series 3210 offers superior conformability during installation, making it easier to achieve a flawless finish on your graphics.

  2. Extended UV Protection: We've incorporated UV stabilizers into this overlaminate to safeguard your graphics from the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring they remain vibrant and fade-resistant for years.

  3. Versatile Compatibility: Series 3210 is compatible with a wide range of vinyl products, including SLX® Cast Wrap, DPF 6100XLP, DPF 6000XRP, and many more. This versatility ensures you have the perfect match for your specific application.

  4. Long-Lasting Durability: With a durability rating of up to 7 years for unprinted applications, Series 3210 offers reliable protection that stands the test of time.

  5. Multiple Width Options: Choose from roll widths of 48", 54", or 60" to suit your project's requirements. Each roll extends up to 50 yards, providing ample material for your needs.

Please note that while Series 3210 Overlaminate enhances your graphics' longevity and appearance, it is not intended for use as an optically clear window film.

Elevate your graphics' performance and aesthetics with Arlon Series 3210 Overlaminate. Designed for professionals who demand excellence, this overlaminate ensures your prints maintain their vibrancy and quality, even in challenging outdoor environments. Explore the difference today and unlock the potential of your graphics with Series 3210.

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*Check Arlon Climate Warranty for your climate

Extra Information

Unique Feature:
Ultra-Thin for the Most Optimal Conformability
Unique Feature:
Added UV Stabilizers to Enhance Life of Graphics
Face Film Thickness:
1.3-Mil (35 Micron)
Permanent (Clear)
Release Liner:
Clay Coated
Durability (Unprinted):
7 Years
Roll Widths:
48" / 54" / 60"
Roll Length(s):
50 Yards