TransferRite AirMask® 510U - Medium Tack Film Application Tape




Elevate your vinyl graphics and color-change projects to new heights with TransferRite AirMask® 510U, the ultimate medium tack film application tape. Whether you're working on large format graphics, ready-to-apply (RTA) designs, digital prints, or partial wraps with exposed air-release liners, this versatile transfer tape is your go-to solution.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Technology: TransferRite AirMask 510U boasts cutting-edge technology that ensures complete adhesion to exposed liner areas, making it ideal for challenging air egress vinyls.

  • Enhanced Durability: Your graphics can endure extensive handling during transport without the fear of tunneling or curling, thanks to the superior bonding capability of this transfer tape.

  • Perfect for Wraps: This product is an invaluable aid for placing wraps on vehicles. It simplifies the application process and helps achieve professional, bubble-free results.

  • Particle Removal: Not just for applying graphics, TransferRite AirMask 510U can also be used for removing dirt and other particles, ensuring a pristine finish.

  • Thickness: Measuring at a thickness of 4.3 mil, it strikes the perfect balance between stability and flexibility.

Suggested End Uses:

  • Large format graphics
  • Ready-to-apply (RTA) graphics
  • Digital prints
  • Partial wraps, especially those with exposed air-release liners

Give your graphics the professional touch they deserve with TransferRite AirMask 510U. Experience hassle-free application, exceptional durability, and outstanding results. Trust in the product that professionals rely on for their vinyl graphic projects.

Enhance your creativity with TransferRite AirMask 510U - the preferred choice of professionals in the industry. Order yours today and take your graphics to the next level!

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