Orafol Oraguard 289GF - PVC Free - 54" x 50yds

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Oraguard 289GF - PVC Free Laminate 

This highly durable protection for digital printed large format graphics, car wraps, and out door graphics. This is a great laminate for the warmer climates because the laminate won't yellow of crack like PVC Laminates. It is worth the extra money to keep your clients happy. Environmentally friendly, PVC-Free ORAGUARD 289F is a 2-mil, 10-year, glossy, premium cast, laminating film with the highest degree of UV protection. 100% PVC and plasticizer free! Recommended for use with ORAJET 3981RA PVC-Free Wrapping Film, 3751RA Proslide and 3951RA Proslide .

Available in 54" x 50yds and 60" x 50yds. Normally in stock