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$14.50 - $21.50



Introducing Orafols Orabond 1397PP versatile and durable double-sided tape, made with a polyester film carrier and a modified solvent acrylate adhesive on both sides. This tape boasts impressive resistance to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, chemicals, solvents, and humidity, making it perfect for tough applications. The highly shear-resistant adhesive provides excellent durability when attached to metal, varnish, and high energy surfaces, while still offering good adhesive durability when attached to low energy surfaces. This tape is also suitable for rough or structured surfaces, thanks to its high adhesive mass. It features a 0.5-mil polyester film carrier and both sides are covered with a 3-mil red, siliconised polypropylene film liner. Orabond 1397PP is ideal for securing truck and car mirrors in plastic housings, and as a self-adhesive medium for trims, covers, and cable trunks. It is also a great option for extending and splicing paper, textiles, plastic, and metal films where high shear strength and adhesion are required. Choose Orabond 1397PP double-sided tape for a reliable and durable adhesive solution in all your tough application. 

Available in 1", and 1.5"


Orabond 1397PP is comparable to:


  • 3M 9088FL
  • Killer Red Tape
  • Tesa 4965
  • Lohmann 376F/377F



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