ORABOND® 1819TM - Foam Tape



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Introducing Orabond 1819TM Foam Tape - Versatile Bonding Solution for Rough and Dissimilar Surfaces

Enhance your projects with Orabond 1819TM Foam Tape, designed to provide reliable bonding to rough or dissimilar surfaces. This high-quality foam tape is ideal for applications such as exhibition mounting, mirror mounting, and more.

Key Product Specifications:

  • Thickness Without Liner: 2100 microns (82.68-mil)
  • Adhesive: Modified Solvent Acrylate
  • Carrier: 78.75-mil white PE Foam
  • Release Liner: 90 g white paper with blue ORAFOL imprint

Experience exceptional bonding strength and reliability with Orabond 1819TM Foam Tape. Its modified solvent acrylate adhesive ensures a secure bond, even on challenging surfaces. The 78.75-mil white PE foam carrier provides excellent cushioning and conformability.

The release liner, made of 90 g white paper with a blue ORAFOL imprint, offers easy and clean application. Trust Orabond 1819TM Foam Tape for demanding projects that require reliable bonding on rough or dissimilar surfaces.

Upgrade your bonding capabilities with Orabond 1819TM Foam Tape and achieve superior results.

Extra Information

0.5” x 36 yd:
20 Rolls Per Case
0.75” x 36 yd:
13 Rolls Per Case
1” x 36 yd:
10 Rolls Per Case
1.5” x 36 yd:
6 Rolls Per Case
2” x 36 yd:
5 Rolls Per Case
Comparable to:
Lohmann 5021, Scapa 5469, St. Gobain V1600