MBX Vinyl Eraser Wheel


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The Montipower MBX Vinyl Zapper Replacement Wheel is a must-have accessory for anyone who owns the Montipower MBX Vinyl Zapper. This replacement wheel is designed to provide a smooth and effortless vinyl removal experience, making it the perfect replacement for worn out or damaged wheels. The replacement wheel is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It's easy to install, so you can get back to your vinyl removal project in no time.


The replacement wheel is designed to fit seamlessly with the Montipower MBX Vinyl Zapper, providing an optimal level of performance. Its superior construction and design make it the perfect choice for professional installers, business owners, and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're working on a large-scale commercial project or a small personal project, the Montipower MBX Vinyl Zapper Replacement Wheel will get the job done quickly and efficiently.


If you're looking for a replacement wheel that's built to last, look no further than the Montipower MBX Vinyl Zapper Replacement Wheel. It will help you to keep your tool in top condition and ensure that you can complete your vinyl removal projects with ease.



Product Type: Removers/Cleaners

Description: MBX Vinyl Zapper Vinyl Eraser Replacement Wheel.

    • Special polymer notched wheels vent and cool surface, peeling vinyl easily.
    • Air cushioned
    • No jumping or vibration.
    • Wheel diameter - 4.13"
    •  Wheel width - 1.18"
    • Max RPM - 3,500 RPM.


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