MacTac Simply Sustainable 2.0 mil White Magic Cling - Versatile and Eco-Friendly Cling Film


G- MAC-SS99W54L150

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MacTac Simply Sustainable 2.0 mil White Magic Cling - Versatile and Eco-Friendly Cling Film

Product Code: #SS99W54L150

Discover the future of sustainable signage and display with MacTac Simply Sustainable 2.0 mil White Magic Cling. Our innovative cling film is designed to revolutionize your advertising and branding strategies. Ideal for businesses seeking eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality and versatility.

Exceptional Adhesion: This premium gloss top-coated white polypropylene film leverages unique polymer technology to effortlessly cling to any smooth glass surface. From office doors and windows to display cases and beverage coolers, the possibilities are endless. It's also compatible with many smooth, glossy plastics and shiny metal surfaces, ensuring your message sticks wherever needed.

Durability and Reliability: Expect up to 2 years of reliable performance when applied to exterior windows. While outdoor climates may affect the bond, our Magic Cling film is crafted to withstand various environmental conditions. Please note, due to these uncontrollable factors, no warranty is provided for durability.

Shelf Life and Storage: With a shelf life of 2 years from the Date of Manufacture, when stored at optimal conditions (60/77°F or 15/25°C and 50% relative humidity), this film remains ready for use. Its attached 90# Polycoated Layflat liner ensures ease of processing and handling.

Print Compatibility: Compatible with a range of printing methods including UV inkjet, UV Cured, Offset UV, and Latex. For best results, utilize the correct ICC profiles or printer settings. Remember, environmental factors and equipment specifics can affect printing outcomes. Customers should verify the suitability of profiles for their equipment.

Elevate your marketing and display solutions with MacTac Simply Sustainable White Magic Cling. Environmentally conscious, versatile, and designed for modern needs, it's the smart choice for businesses looking to make an impact.


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Roll Size:
54" x 150ft