MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored



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Introducing MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored - Your Perfect Vinyl Solution!

Are you looking for a versatile and user-friendly vinyl film for all your printing needs? Look no further than MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored. This exceptional product is designed to meet your every requirement, offering exceptional quality and convenience. Here's what you need to know:

High-Quality Matte White Vinyl: MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored is a premium 3.2 mil matte white polymeric vinyl film, delivering outstanding print results. Its matte finish ensures your graphics and designs look crisp and professional.

Easy Liner Removal: We understand the importance of efficiency. That's why our product comes with a unique feature - a scored 78 lb Kraft paper liner. This liner is strategically scored 1.25" apart, running parallel to the edge. This design makes removing the liner a breeze, saving you time and effort when applying your decals, bumper stickers, labels, and more.

Adhesive Options: We offer you the choice between two adhesive types. Opt for the permanent acrylic adhesive for long-lasting applications, or choose the ultra-removable adhesive for situations where you need flexibility and easy removal without residue.

Versatile Printing Compatibility: MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored is compatible with a wide range of printing technologies, including solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and latex inkjet printers. It also works seamlessly with solvent and UV screen print inks, as well as UV offset printers, ensuring you can use your preferred printing method.

Durable Performance: Count on this vinyl to withstand the test of time. With an expected performance life of 5 years (unprinted), your graphics will maintain their brilliance and integrity.

Generous Length: Each roll of MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored offers a generous 50 yards of material, providing you with ample supply for your various projects.


  • Length: 50 yd
  • Finish: Matte
  • Thickness: 3.2 mil
  • Roll Size: 60" x 50 yd
  • Brand: Mactac
  • Color: Matte White

Whether you're a professional printer or an enthusiastic DIYer, MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored is the ideal choice for your vinyl printing needs. Order yours today, and experience the difference in quality, convenience, and performance. Create stunning decals, bumper stickers, labels, and more with ease, and elevate your projects to the next level with MacTac Printvinyl™ Scored. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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