GlitterFlex® Printable™

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GlitterFlex® Printable™

GlitterFlex® Printable™ is a printable glitter material that offers high-quality prints with a shimmering finish!

GlitterFlex® Printable™ is designed for use with all Solvent/Eco-Solvent inks. It has real polyester holographic glitter particles. This product can be sublimated, embroidered, or sublimated then embroidered.


Thickness Regular

  • Colors: 10.4-12 mils/260-300 microns
  • Neon Colors: 14.8-16.8 mils/470-320 microns

Application Instructions

  • Blade – 60°
  • Print & Cut – Right reading
  • Transfer Material – For Solvent Printing– HFIX-FLCK to transfer image to garment. Sublimation– Do not use mask. Use solid designs and press with Teflon sheet.
  • Temp – 330°-335° F
  • Pressure – Firm, even. Use Teflon Sheet.
  • Time – 15 seconds
  • Peel – Warm, use Teflon and re-press for 2 seconds
  • Care – Wash inside out, gentle, cold water. Tumble dry low.
Applies toCotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Wool, Linen Excluding Nylon
Special Precautions The DH White may have a rough texture on the backside, but testing determined it does not affect the print.

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Specialty Materials