FrogTape® 225 Gold Performance Grade Moderate Temperature, Medium-High Adhesion Masking Tape

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Introducing FrogTape® CP 225 Gold Performance Grade Masking Tape – the ultimate solution for precision masking in industrial settings. Unleash the power of FrogTape® and elevate your painting and masking projects to a new level of perfection.

Designed for use in moderate temperatures, FrogTape® 225 Gold boasts a medium-high adhesion that ensures steadfast bonding on various surfaces, including metal, rubber, plastic, anodized aluminum, chrome, and fiberglass. Whether you're in the transportation or metal fabrication industries, this versatile tape is your go-to companion.

Crafted for the toughest challenges, this remarkable masking tape is engineered to withstand temperatures up to 225°F (for up to 30 minutes). So, no matter the heat, FrogTape® 225 Gold remains resolute in delivering consistent paint lines and unparalleled clean removal.

Unmatched resilience is what sets FrogTape® 225 Gold apart. Resistant to water, saltwater, various solvents, and abrasives, this tape endures the harshest conditions, making it an ideal choice for marine applications as well. From gel coats and multi-part epoxy topcoats to antifouling bottom paints, FrogTape® 225 Gold plays well with an array of coatings, including solvent-based and water-borne paints for automotive applications.

Easy to handle and apply, this masking tape leaves no sticky residue, leaving you with smooth, professional-grade results. The fine structured crepe backing ensures remarkable conformability, enabling effortless application even in challenging shapes and curves.

FrogTape® CP 225 Gold Performance Grade Masking Tape comes in various widths – 0.47 in, 0.70 in, 0.94 in, 1.41 in, 1.88 in, and 2.83 in, with a generous length of 60 yards.

Technical excellence is at the core of FrogTape® CP 225 Gold. With an adhesion of 31 oz/in width (3.39 N/10mm) to stainless steel and a tensile strength of 23 lbs/in width (40.3 N/10mm), you can rely on its outstanding performance to get the job done right.

Approved and tested to meet ASTM D 6123/D 6123M-97 (2012), Type I standards, this masking tape represents the epitome of reliability and quality in the industry.

Prep for Perfection® with FrogTape® CP 225 Gold Performance Grade Masking Tape – your trusted partner in achieving flawless paint lines, residue-free removal, and superior results. Whether you're working on transportation projects, marine applications, converting paper tape, or industrial MRO tasks, FrogTape® CP 225 Gold is the masking tape that masters it all.

Take your projects to new heights of precision and professionalism. Experience the unmatched adhesive prowess of FrogTape® CP 225 Gold – your gateway to excellence in masking. Order now and unlock a world of possibilities in your industrial endeavors.


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0.47 in x 60yds Case:
96 Rolls per Case -Ships from Shurtape
0.70 in x 60yds Case:
64 Rolls per Case -Ships from Shurtape
0.94 in x 60yds Case:
48 Rolls per Case -Ships from Shurtape
1.41 in x 60.1 yd Case:
32 Rolls per Case -IN STOCK
1.88 in x 60.1 yd Case:
24 Rolls per Case -IN STOCK
2.83 in x 60.1 yd Case:
16 Rolls per Case -Ships from Shurtape