CP 66® Contractor Grade, High Adhesion Masking Tape

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CP 66® Contractor Grade, High Adhesion Masking Tape:

Looking for a reliable masking tape that delivers top-notch performance for your residential and commercial painting, construction, industrial masking, and packaging projects? Look no further than CP 66® Contractor Grade, High Adhesion Masking Tape, available exclusively at Kgsupplies.com!


  • High Adhesion: This contractor-grade crepe paper masking tape is engineered with a rubber-based adhesive, ensuring superior adhesion to various surfaces.
  • Easy to Unwind: Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with stubborn tapes. CP 66® unwinds effortlessly, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Good Quick Stick: When time is of the essence, this masking tape won't let you down. Its quick stick properties ensure a secure hold in an instant.
  • Conforms to Irregular Surfaces: Whether you're working on smooth or irregularly shaped surfaces, CP 66® conforms like a pro, making your job a breeze.


  • Building & Construction - From abatement and containment to restoration and paint masking construction, CP 66® excels in a wide range of building and construction projects.
  • Industrial MRO - Facilities maintenance tasks become hassle-free with the reliability of CP 66® masking tape.
  • Transportation - Whether for general transportation needs or marine applications, this tape ensures your projects stay on track.
  • Specialty - Proudly made in the USA, CP 66® stands out as a top-quality product for specialized applications.


  • Adhesion to Stainless Steel: 38 oz/in width (4.16 N/10 mm)
  • Elongation: 10%
  • Service Temperature Range: 50°F to 150°F (10°C to 66°C)
  • Tensile Strength: 22 lbs/in width (38.5 N/10 mm)
  • Thickness: 5.2 mils (0.13 mm)

AVAILABLE SIZES: Choose from various widths to suit your specific needs:

  • 0.47 in
  • 0.7 in
  • 0.94 in
  • 1.41 in
  • 1.88 in
  • 2.83 in

RELIABLE & COMPLIANT: CP 66® Contractor Grade, High Adhesion Masking Tape complies with ASTM D 6123/D 6123M-97 (2012), Type I standards, assuring you of its top-notch quality and performance.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: At Kgsupplies.com, we take pride in offering top-of-the-line products to our customers. CP 66® Contractor Grade, High Adhesion Masking Tape is no exception. Rest assured that you are getting a product that lives up to its promises.

Don't compromise on the quality of your projects. Upgrade your masking tape to CP 66® and experience the difference! Buy now and enjoy hassle-free painting, construction, and packaging endeavors.

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