Oracal 851 Glitter Craft Vinyl

Kirin Global Supplies is proud to be a distributor of Oracal 851 Cast Glitter Vinyl. Oracal 851 was developed for specialty applications where a unique, heavier metallic appearance is desired.  Perfect for unique, one of a kind decorative craft, monogram, and home decor applications. Ideal for application to smooth sealed/painted boards, aluminum, glassware, ceramic plates and mugs, automotive paint, plastic and metal tumblers, chalkboards, ornaments, windows, mirrors. Oracal 851 is available in 12 mesmerizing, high gloss - glitter metallic colors, including Crystal Clear Sparkle (986) transparent that can be laminated to the surface of any standard ORACAL 631, 641, 651, 751, or 951 plotter film color to create a, vibrant custom Sparkling Glitter Metallic color.