Banner Ups® MegaTape - 1.5" x 36yds

Mega Tape

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Banner Ups® MegaTape

A New Improved MegaTape Banner Hem Tape with Clear Film and Enhanced Strength

Banner Ups® MegaTape is a revolutionary double-sided banner hem reinforcing tape made from a super strong film. The new and improved MegaTape features a clear film that is 10% stronger than our original product, offering unparalleled durability. In rigorous lab tensile tests and wind tunnel assessments, the MegaTape banner hem tape demonstrated its superior strength, withstanding winds up to 108 MPH!

Product Features

  • Clear Film: The new clear film is less visible and more attractive, especially when used in mesh banners, providing a seamless appearance.
  • Enhanced Strength: MegaTape is even stronger than traditional PowerTape®, capable of withstanding winds of 108+ MPH in wind tunnel tests, making it ideal for banners requiring ultimate strength.
  • Fold-Finished Banner Edge: Produces a clean, fold-finished banner edge for a professional look preferred by many customers.
  • Easy Application: Simple to apply, MegaTape wears like steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Cleaner Appearance: Delivers a much cleaner appearance and is twice as strong as ordinary double-sided banner hem tape, making it the perfect choice for high-performance applications.

Choose Banner Ups® MegaTape for your banner projects when only the best will do. This advanced banner hem tape ensures your banners remain secure and visually appealing, even under the most demanding conditions.