Arlon DPF 6700 - 2-mil Cast Wall Wrap Film, Gloss White, Clear Permanent PSA


DPF 6700
$647.45 - $681.32

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$647.45 - $681.32


Arlon DPF 6700 Wall Wrap - 2 Mil Cast Gloss White, Clear Permanent

Transform your space with the ultimate solution for wall murals - Arlon DPF 6700 Wall Wrap!

Key Features:

  • Thickness: 2 mil cast gloss film, providing a sleek and elegant finish.
  • Adhesive: Aggressive, high-tack, permanent adhesive, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Surface Compatibility: Expertly crafted for textured masonry surfaces such as brick, stucco, and concrete. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor murals.
  • Outdoor Durability: Withstands outdoor conditions for up to 1 year (6 months for freeze/thaw zones).
  • Overlaminates Compatibility: Recommended to use with Arlon Series 3200, 3210, or 3220 for added protection.
  • Printing Compatibility: Versatile printing options with Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, and Latex printers. For color profiles, visit Arlon ICC Color Profiles.

Preparation & Installation:

  • Ensure the surface is dust-free, sealed (if not, ensure no loose paint or grit), and dry for 48 hours post-cleaning/sealing or 1-week post-painting.
  • Benefits of sealing porous surfaces: Prevents moisture wicking, reduces dust under vinyl, and simplifies removal.
  • Surface temperature must be above 50°F for optimal adhesion.
  • Use a soft roller and heat source for final installation pass for perfect conformance to textured surfaces.

Removal Tips:

  • Use heat (80°F/27°C or more) to facilitate a cleaner, faster removal process.
  • Remove the film smoothly at a shallow angle, ideally with two people for efficiency.

Special Considerations:

  • Due to the porous and rough nature of masonry, water, snow, or ice may seep between the film and wall. Thus, applications to very rough surfaces have modified warranties.
  • In regions with extreme temperatures, the warranty is reduced by 50%.
  • Note: The standard warranty applies only to vertical applications (within +/- 10° from the vertical).

Ideal for:

  • Creating striking wall murals in commercial spaces, offices, and homes.
  • Enhancing outdoor walls with durable, high-quality graphics.
  • Customizable applications for unique architectural features.

Elevate your space with the Arlon DPF 6700 Wall Wrap, the reliable choice for high-impact, long-lasting wall graphics!

Certified for HP Latex Inks


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