3M™ IJ180-10 Controltac™ Graphic Film


IJ180-10 Controltac
$561.48 - $4,990.98

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$561.48 - $4,990.98


Introducing the versatile 3M™ IJ180-10 Controltac™ Graphic Film - a white vinyl film with a luster finish that combines excellent hiding power with exceptional ease of use. This film is specifically designed to provide outstanding performance and flexibility for a wide range of graphic applications.

The 3M™ IJ180-10 Controltac™ Graphic Film features a pressure-activated adhesive, which allows for easy sliding, tacking, snap-up, and repositioning during installation. This feature ensures precise placement and eliminates the risk of unwanted bubbles or wrinkles, resulting in a smooth and professional finish.

With its excellent hiding power, this graphic film effectively conceals underlying surfaces, providing vibrant and consistent coverage. This allows for seamless application even on substrates with varying colors or patterns, ensuring your graphics stand out with clarity and impact.

The 3M™ IJ180-10 Controltac™ Graphic Film is a 2.0 mil cast vinyl, known for its durability and conformability. It can easily adhere to curved and irregular surfaces, making it suitable for both flat and three-dimensional applications. Whether you're working on vehicle wraps, signs, or other graphic projects, this film delivers exceptional results that withstand the test of time.

Experience the ease of use and versatility of 3M™ IJ180-10 Controltac™ Graphic Film. Its pressure-activated adhesive allows for hassle-free installation, while its excellent hiding power and luster finish create visually striking graphics. Trust in the reliability and performance of 3M™ for your graphic needs.

Extra Information

Film Technology:
Film Thickness:
2.0 mil.
Media Color:
Outdoor Durability:
Up to 10 Years
Adhesive / Color:
Pressure-activated / Gray
Polyethylene-coated paper
Flat Surfaces, Simple Curves, Compound Curves, Corrugations