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Box of 500 Brass Washers and 500 Brass Grommets or 

Box of 500 Nickel Washers and 500 Nickel Grommets

#2 Self Piercing Brass Grommets for Stimpson Grommets Machine

These Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers are made to be used with Stimpson grommet machines. Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers “No Hole Needed” Stimpson Self-Piercing Grommets are made from heavier gauge brass than traditional sheet metal grommets and, when set with their matching washers, pierce and set in a single action without the need for a pre-punched hole.

Available in brass, they are also available with a nickel finish. Ideal for use with Stimpson 405 grommet setting machine. Self-piercing grommets eliminate extra steps and save time, which saves you money! How? The tips of the barrels on each grommet are sharper and the material is more rigid, which allows the grommets to cut their own perfect sized holes every time. This eliminates the need to 'pre-cut' holes, saves labor hours and provides the framework for a quality grommet setting with every insertion. Having the grommets cut their own holes also eliminates the extra cost of purchasing and maintaining a separate hole-punch and allows significant savings Stimpson grommet machines are available for their application.

Applications: Sign Banner, Tarp, Tarpaulin, Textile Material ,Leather, Shoes, Boat and Tents

These Grommets will not work with Hand Tools.