Orafol Oracal 975 Premium Structure Cast Honeycomb Finish



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ORACAL® 975 Structure Cast Vinyl Wraps

When you're considering wrapping your car, truck or SUV (not mention your motorcycle, ATV or hundreds of other vehicles), you naturally want only the best your money can buy. ORACAL® 975 Structure Cast vinyl wraps deliver the goods in terms of durability, value and performance. With a slogan like Engineered to Perform Better™ they've got a lot to live up to!

Choose from 28 different color and texture combinations and enjoy up to six years of outdoor durability with these films. So, whether you're looking for a Carbon Fiber, Brushed, Crocodile, Honeycomb or another hard-to-describe textured film, you're sure to find it here.

How Long Will Supreme Wrapping Series 975 Vehicle Wraps Last?

ORACAL® Premium Cast color vinyl wraps are made to last for up to 5 years. The lifespan of other finishes are listed below:

5 Year Durability:

  • Color Films

3 Year Durability:

  • Metallic Wraps

Are ORACAL® 975 Structure Cast Vehicle Wraps Easy to Install?

Naturally, ease of installation depends on how experienced you are installing vinyl wraps but this 975  Premium Structure Cast Wrapping film certainly makes it easier. As we mentioned above, its 4 mil thickness and air-release adhesives give you a lot of room for mistakes so even the greenest DIY installers will be able to get professional looking results if they follow the basic guidelines for wrap installation.

Recommended Applications

These 975 vinyl wraps have been specifically developed for long-term, complete wraps of fleet and personal passenger vehicles in solid, opaque colors. Due to its thickness and the properties of its Premium Cast make-up, this vinyl conforms over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations with ease. And, since it is manufactured with a clear-coat it does not require overlaminate.

  • Solid color vehicle wraps
  • Architectural wrapping
  • Commercial vehicle and fleet wraps
  • Watercraft graphics applied above the static water line only

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