Nekoosa RTAPE 4760RLA® - High-Performance Premask and Prespacing Tape for Diverse Graphics



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Nekoosa RTAPE 4760RLA® - High-Performance Premask and Prespacing Tape for Diverse Graphics

Elevate your graphic installations with the unparalleled precision and reliability of Nekoosa RTAPE 4760RLA®, a premium heavyweight paper premask and prespacing tape designed for both printed and unprinted graphics. Engineered to be a superior alternative to conventional products like 3M SCPM-3, SCPS-100, and ABI 782U, this medium tack adhesive tape sets the standard for efficiency and quality in the graphic design and signage industry.

Key Features:

  • Heavyweight Paper Premask: Offers robust protection and easy handling for a wide range of graphic materials.
  • Medium Tack Adhesive: Ensures secure positioning yet allows for clean removal without residue, making it ideal for various substrates.
  • Conform® Release Liner Adhesion: This advanced technology prevents tunneling and edge curl, ensuring your graphics lay flat and remain pristine.
  • UV and Solvent Ink Compatibility: Perfectly suited for UV and solvent-based screen print inks and clear coats, providing versatility across projects.
  • Factory Precision Cuts: Available in multiple widths including 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60”, each roll is factory cut and razor slit for uniformity and convenience.

Product Benefits:

  • No Tunneling or Edge Curling: Engineered to lay flat, ensuring your graphics look professional and seamless.
  • Clean Tear Adhesive: Say goodbye to messy applications. Our tape tears cleanly without leaving stringy, legging adhesive behind.
  • Adhesive-Free Graphics: Designed to leave no residue, adhesive balls, or build-up, maintaining the integrity of your stored graphics.
  • Versatile Application: Whether in wet or dry conditions, RTAPE 4760RLA® performs exceptionally, providing flexibility in application methods.


Ideal for a myriad of uses, Nekoosa RTAPE 4760RLA® is the go-to solution for:

  • Textured and Matte-Finish Vinyl Films
  • Fine Lettering Projects
  • Textured Wraps, Window, and Floor Films
  • Thermal Die-Cuts

With its superior adhesion, ease of use, and clean removal, Nekoosa RTAPE 4760RLA® is the professional's choice for ensuring high-quality finishes in graphic installations. Experience the difference with this industry-leading premask and prespacing tape, available now at Kirin Global Supplies.

Extra Information

24”, 36”, 48”, 60”