DAF Speed Vinyl - Your One-Step Solution for Stunning Floor and Wall Graphics



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DAF Speed Vinyl - Your One-Step Solution for Stunning Floor and Wall Graphics!

Looking to add eye-catching graphics to your space without the hassle of over-lamination or extra protection? Look no further! DAF Speed Vinyl is here to revolutionize your promotional applications with its exceptional features and benefits.

Key Features:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: DAF Speed Vinyl is designed for effortless production and installation, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to seamless graphics!

  • Matte Textured Pebble Finish: Enjoy a sophisticated and professional look with the matte textured pebble finish that enhances the visual appeal of your graphics.

  • Slip Resistant and UL 401 Certified: Safety is our priority. Rest assured, DAF Speed Vinyl is slip-resistant and has passed the rigorous UL 401 Standard, guaranteeing a secure environment.

Versatile Compatibility:

Whether you're using Mild & Eco-Solvent, UVC, or Latex printers, DAF Speed Vinyl has got you covered. Its versatility allows you to explore various printing options for outstanding results. (Remember, a pretest is recommended to ensure optimal compatibility!)

Unmatched Performance:

  • High-Tac/Removable Adhesive: DAF Speed Vinyl's adhesive ensures a strong and reliable bond while still allowing for clean and easy removal when needed.

  • 140gsm PE Coated Silicon Paper: The release liner adds to the convenience of installation, making the process even smoother.

  • Suitable Surfaces: Apply DAF Speed Vinyl to sealed floors and other indoor smooth surfaces for stunning graphics that captivate your audience.

Product Specifications:

  • Construction: Pebble-embossed white print vinyl with polyester reinforcement and a high-tack removable adhesive.

  • Thickness: 10 mil (-/+0.5mil)

  • Put-Up: 82 feet

  • Standard Widths: 54”

  • Finish: Matte

Create Magic with DAF Speed Vinyl:

Ramp up your promotional game with DAF Speed Vinyl's exceptional performance. Ideal for promotional campaigns, trade shows, and temporary graphics, it's the perfect choice for captivating your audience. However, keep in mind that DAF Speed Vinyl is not recommended for high-textured surfaces.

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Upgrade Your Graphics Today!

Get ready to make a lasting impression with DAF Speed Vinyl. Our product's unbeatable features and benefits will elevate your promotional efforts, leaving a lasting impact on your customers. Order now and unlock the magic of DAF Speed Vinyl for your space!

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