ColorPrint Solvent Digital Ink Jet

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The best quality, brightest digital prints on the market!  Maintains rebound through numerous washes.Use ColorPrint™ Solvent/Eco-solvent polyurethane transfer films when printing with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers.  ColorPrint™ Solvent/Eco-solvent films provide soft hand, stretch and durability.

  • Please note only CPS-2160 and CPS-2165 are usable with a latex printer. When using these products, use transfer mask TM-854 and never heat above 212°F/100°C.

The ColorPrint™ Solvent/Eco-solvent line consists of five film types:

ColorPrint™ Solvent/Ecosol CPS-2160
This is our most popular solvent printable product, also printable using *latex printers. ColorPrint Solvent/Ecosol is an opaque, white film with a semi-gloss to full-gloss finish.  It offers a soft hand and stretchable resilience permitting application to elastomeric fabrics, such as Lycra and Spandex. This film contains blocking agents that reduce dye migration into the film and has a new thicker liner to reduce curling.

*If using on a latex printer, you must use TM-854, use Gloss Vinyl Profile, print uni-directional, and never heat above 212°F/100°C on the printer settings.Our testing has shown that when properly printed with solvent-based inkjet inks, images on these films maintain their quality and color without discernible fading for over 50 washings.