Navigating the Choices between ORACAL® 651™ and ORACAL® 631 for Your Graphic Designs

Navigating the Choices between ORACAL® 651™ and ORACAL® 631 for Your Graphic Designs

Published by Justin Lopez - VP of Operations at Kirin Global Supplies on Mar 14th 2024

In the realm of graphic design projects, ORAFOL presents two standout plotter film options: ORACAL® 651™ and ORACAL® 631. Both options come with their own set of features designed to meet varying project demands. It's crucial to grasp their differences to choose the one that aligns best with your project goals.

Material Composition and Life Expectancy

The ORACAL® 651™ is constructed as an Intermediate Calendered PVC Film with a 2.5-mil thickness, engineered for medium-term projects with a lifespan of up to 6 years. Conversely, ORACAL® 631 is a Short-Term Calendered PVC Film, slightly thicker at 3-mil, and is best suited for projects expected to last up to 3 years. The distinction in material composition and longevity is key to determining their appropriate applications.

Adhesion Quality

The adhesive technology of each film is tailored to meet different project needs. ORACAL® 651™ is equipped with a clear, solvent-based permanent adhesive, which guarantees strong and lasting adhesion. Meanwhile, ORACAL® 631 features a clear, water-based removable adhesive, allowing for easy removal without damaging the surface or leaving residues, perfect for temporary placements.

Variety of Finishes

ORACAL® 651™ stands out with its range of glossy and matte finishes, including exclusive matte options, offering over 75 color choices. This variety lets users pick the perfect look for their project's visual requirements. In contrast, ORACAL® 631 is solely available in matte finishes, providing a wide color palette for user selection.

Application Tape Compatibility

For optimal application, each film is paired with recommended application tapes. ORACAL® 651™ works seamlessly with ORATAPE® HT55 (paper) and ORATAPE® MT95 (clear conformable) tapes for perfect application and bonding. ORACAL® 631 also benefits from compatibility with these tapes, simplifying the installation process.

Special mention goes to ORATAPE® MT80P application tape for hobbyists and crafters. Its clear design and grid-patterned liner aid in precise placement for detailed work and smaller projects.

Optimal Use Cases

ORACAL® 651™ is the superior choice for projects that demand medium-term resilience, such as vehicle graphics, signs, and window decals. Its robustness against weather elements makes it an ideal selection for outdoor uses requiring durability. It also offers a dishwasher-safe option for personalizing tumblers, mugs, and dishes.

On the flip side, ORACAL® 631 is tailored for indoor use and short-term outdoor projects like museum exhibits, crafts, and home decor. Its easily removable adhesive makes it perfect for temporary displays without risking damage to surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Deciding between ORACAL® 651™ and ORACAL® 631 hinges on understanding their unique attributes and how they match up with your project's requirements. ORACAL® 651™ is your go-to for projects needing long-lasting outdoor durability, whereas ORACAL® 631 offers great flexibility and ease of removal for primarily indoor and temporary outdoor applications. Making an informed decision ensures the success and satisfaction of your creative endeavors.

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