Illuminate Your Restaurant or Event Venue with Sun Sign Controls Solar Powered Portable Display Sign

Illuminate Your Restaurant or Event Venue with Sun Sign Controls Solar Powered Portable Display Sign

Published by Justin Lopez - VP of Operations at Kirin Global Supplies on Jun 20th 2024

In the competitive world of restaurants and event venues, visibility is everything. Drawing attention to your establishment, especially during evening hours, can make a significant difference in foot traffic and overall success. Enter the Sun Sign Controls Solar Powered Portable Display Sign—a revolutionary solution designed to ensure your business shines, day and night. As the national distributor for Sun Sign Controls, Kirin Global Supplies is proud to introduce this game-changing signage option.

Why Choose Sun Sign Controls Solar Powered Portable Display Sign?

1. Solar Powered for Extended Visibility

Harnessing the power of the sun, this display sign is equipped with two full-sized solar panels, one on each side. These panels ensure that your sign remains brightly illuminated even on cloudy days. This means your restaurant or event venue will attract attention long after the sun goes down, thanks to the advanced night illumination (ANI) technology.

2. Double-Sided Illumination for Maximum Impact

Each Sun Sign display is double-sided, allowing you to showcase different graphics on each side. Imagine promoting your restaurant's daily specials on one side and an upcoming event on the other. Both sides are fully illuminated at night, ensuring that no matter the angle, your message is seen.

3. Weatherproof and Durable Design

The Sun Sign Controls display sign is built to withstand all weather conditions. Whether it's rain, snow, heat, or cold, this sign will continue to perform flawlessly. Optional aluminum extendable legs provide added stability in high wind areas or uneven terrain, ensuring your sign remains secure.

4. Easy to Use and Transport

Designed with convenience in mind, the Sun Sign display sign features integral wheels, making it easy to move and position. Whether you need to transport it to different locations or simply move it curbside, this sign is versatile and user-friendly.

Perfect for Restaurants and Event Venues

Enhance Your Restaurant’s Appeal

For restaurants, having a visible and attractive sign is crucial. The Sun Sign Controls display sign ensures your restaurant stands out, even from a distance. Use it to highlight your menu, special offers, or any unique features of your establishment. The bright LED lighting and customizable graphics make it an eye-catching addition that will draw customers in.

Make Your Event Venue Unmissable

Event venues can greatly benefit from the Sun Sign display sign's portability and high visibility. Whether it's a concert, wedding, or corporate event, having clear and illuminated signage can guide guests and make your venue stand out. The flexibility to update graphics easily means you can tailor your sign to each event, ensuring it always feels fresh and relevant.

Real Estate and Beyond

While restaurants and event venues are prime candidates for the Sun Sign display sign, its applications are vast. From real estate listings to construction sites, this sign can adapt to various needs, providing visibility and information where it's needed most.


The Sun Sign Controls Solar Powered Portable Display Sign is more than just a sign; it's a powerful tool for enhancing your restaurant or event venue's visibility and appeal. With its advanced solar technology, weatherproof design, and easy portability, it offers an unparalleled solution for your signage needs. As the national distributor, Kirin Global Supplies is here to help you elevate your business with this innovative product.

Invest in the future of your business with Sun Sign Controls. Contact Kirin Global Supplies today to learn more about how this revolutionary sign can benefit your establishment.

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