Unveiling the Future of Graphics: Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Films

Unveiling the Future of Graphics: Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Films

Published by Justin Lopez - VP of Operations at Kirin Global Supplies on Aug 25th 2023

In the ever-evolving world of visual communication, where captivating graphics and impactful messages rule, innovation is key. Kirin Global Supplies proudly presents a game-changing solution that pushes the boundaries of window graphics - introducing the revolutionary Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Films. Let's take a closer look at how these films are transforming the way we see and use window graphics.

Unmatched Clarity and Detail

Imagine graphics that boast unparalleled clarity and detail, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on them. Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Films redefine image quality with their high-definition technology. The world's smallest perforations, at just 1mm in diameter, result in graphics that are sharper and crisper than ever before. Fine lines, intricate details, and vibrant colors all come to life, capturing the essence of your design with remarkable precision.

Performance HD White on Black - A New Dimension of Impact

With Contravision HD Performance White on Black, the visual potential of your windows becomes boundless. This externally applied film offers a 40% transparency (60/40) and features micro-perforations that are 60% smaller in area than standard films. As a result, rainwater accumulation is reduced, and your graphics stay clear even in wet conditions. The improved view-through from the inside adds another layer of sophistication to your displays, making your graphics truly stand out.

Performance HD Clear - Clarity Inside and Out

When it comes to internal applications or situations where external installation poses challenges, Contravision HD Performance Clear is the answer. This internally applied film features the same 60/40 perforation pattern but stands out with its exceptional detail retention. The smaller holes allow for greater precision in graphics, perfect for showcasing intricate product imagery. The improved see-through compared to standard films ensures that your graphics maintain their impact from both sides of the glass.

Performance HD Translucent White - Shining Day and Night

For day-to-night graphics that never fade into the darkness, Contravision HD Performance Translucent White takes the stage. This unique film harnesses ambient building lighting, providing stunning visibility around the clock. Unlike traditional graphics that may disappear at night, Performance HD Translucent White ensures your message shines through, captivating your audience both day and night.

Experience the Future Today

With Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Films, the future of graphics is now within your reach. Elevate your retail displays, amplify vehicle branding, enhance wayfinding signage, and explore new creative possibilities. Whether you choose Performance HD White on Black, Performance HD Clear, or Performance HD Translucent White, the results are undeniable - graphics that resonate with unparalleled clarity, vibrancy, and impact.

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