Arlon Series 5570 - 4-Mil Cast Block Out Film


Series 5570

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Arlon Series 5570 - 4-Mil Cast Block Out Film

Transform Your Signage with Unparalleled Opacity and Precision

Overview: The Arlon Series 5570 is a premium 4-mil cast block out film, expertly crafted for internally illuminated signage and display solutions where light transmission needs to be minimized or eliminated. This product stands as the ideal choice for backlit signage, ensuring your displays are vibrant and attention-grabbing, even without light passing through.

Unique Features:

  • Optimized for Backlit Signage: Specially designed to block light transmission, enhancing the clarity and impact of your illuminated displays.
  • Superior Release & Weedability: Effortless handling and application, saving time and enhancing the precision of your projects.


  • Face Film Thickness: Robust 4-Mil (100 Micron) construction.
  • Finish: Sleek gloss finish that adds a professional touch to your signage.
  • Adhesive: Durable, permanent adhesive ensures a long-lasting bond.
  • Release Liner: High-quality clay-coated liner for easy release and application.
  • Durability: Offers an impressive 5-year lifespan (unprinted), guaranteeing long-term performance.
  • Roll Dimensions: Available in 48" widths and 50-yard lengths.
  • Color Options: Standard colors include classic white (120) and bold black (122), providing versatility for various design needs.

Ideal Applications:

  • Retail and commercial signage
  • Directional and informational displays
  • Exhibition and event graphics
  • Any application where blocking light transmission is essential.

Experience the difference with Arlon Series 5570 - your go-to solution for superior, light-blocking signage and display graphics. Add this remarkable product to your toolkit and ensure your signs make a lasting impression, day and night.


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