Contra Vision Performance HD 60/40 (3 Year)



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Introducing Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Film - Elevate Your Graphics to HD Quality!

Experience the future of window graphics with our exclusive Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Film collection, now available at Kirin Global Supplies. With the world's smallest perforations, this breakthrough technology brings your graphics to life in stunning high definition. Whether for retail, vehicles, wayfinding signage, or day and night applications, our HD perforated films redefine the way you showcase your messages and designs.

Performance HD White on Black - Externally Applied Film

Unleash the power of 40% transparency (60/40) with Contravision HD Performance White on Black. Designed for one-way vision graphics, this film transforms your windows into dynamic canvases. Featuring 1mm diameter holes that are 60% smaller in area than standard one-way vision films, your graphics will pop with unparalleled clarity and detail. Plus, the smaller holes mean quicker rainwater evaporation, ensuring uninterrupted visibility. From the inside, the view-through is remarkably improved, with perforations that disappear even from just 1.5 meters away. Elevate your graphics and create impactful impressions with Contravision HD White on Black.

Performance HD Clear - Internally Applied Film

Experience high-definition graphics from the inside with Contravision HD Performance Clear. With a 60/40 perforation pattern, this film lets you protect your graphics from vandalism and dirt while maintaining impeccable image quality. The 1mm micro-perforations allow for intricate details and finer text, making it perfect for graphics with detailed product imagery. Enjoy superior visibility with improved see-through compared to standard 60/40 transparency film. Versatile for all ink types, Contravision HD Clear is your choice for high-quality graphics, inside and out.

Performance HD Translucent White - Day & Night Graphics

When darkness falls, let your graphics shine with Contravision HD Performance Translucent White. This high-definition 60/40 perforated window film leverages ambient building lighting to create captivating day and night displays. Say goodbye to graphics that fade away in the dark – Performance HD Translucent White ensures your message is seen 24/7. Whether it's daytime brilliance or nighttime allure, this film lets your graphics transcend the boundaries of traditional window displays.

Don't miss out on the future of window graphics! Contact our dedicated sales team at to explore the available lengths and transform your graphics into HD masterpieces. Elevate your designs, captivate your audience, and experience the world of Contravision HD Micro Perforated Window Film today. Your journey to superior graphics starts here!

(Note: For optimal performance, white ink is required for certain applications. Please consult our sales team for detailed information.)


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