ContraVision Optically Clear Cast Laminate 54" x 150ft


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The range of overlaminating films are the perfect match for Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films™. They help protect the graphics and prevent water from getting trapped in the perforations.

Perforated window film cannot be clearly seen through if rain or other water sits in the holes, because the water acts like a tiny lens distorting the view. Contra Vision® laminating films are ‘optically clear’ when bridged over the perforated holes, maintaining through-vision while providing protection from abrasion and washing chemicals and preventing dirt and water from entering the perforated holes.

Please note typical applications for Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films do not require laminating. Consider using a laminating film only in situations where through-vision is essential when raining and where damage to the applied graphic might otherwise result.

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