ContraVision Campaign - 50/50 - Short Term - 54" X 30ft




Campaign White on Black 50%

Campaign White on Black 50% is part of Contra Vision’s economical range of perforated window films, this product retains many high-quality features at very competitive prices, making it the market leader for this category of product.

The product is manufactured to exacting standards to provide high quality printing, minimal shrinkage and problem-free installation and removal.

White on Black perforated window films for one-way vision are typically applied to the outside of windows with the graphics facing outwards and the black side facing inwards.

We recommend Campaign White on Black for use on short-term promotional campaigns of up to 2 years.

50% transparency provides the best possible through vision from inside although image impact is reduced. This option is sometimes specified for use on vehicle windows.

This product features a Universal Grayliner™ which is suitable for all print technologies


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