Contavision AutoGraph White on Black - Perforated Window Film

Contra Vision

$190.00 - $850.00

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$190.00 - $850.00


Revolutionize your vehicle graphics and enhance your brand's visibility with Contra Vision® AutoGraph™ Perforated Window Film available exclusively at Kirin Global Supplies. Designed to provide an unparalleled combination of functionality and aesthetics, this innovative perforated air release vinyl window film is a game-changer for vehicle graphics and various overlaminated applications.

Key Features:

  • Patented Air Release Technology: Say goodbye to installation headaches. The patented air release channels integrated into the adhesive of Contra Vision® AutoGraph™ ensure effortless bubble-free application, especially when overlaminated.

  • Crystal Clear Vision: Tired of distorted graphics due to overuse of a squeegee? AutoGraph's advanced technology minimizes see-through distortion, resulting in visually striking graphics with optimal clarity.

  • Unmatched Conformability: The thinner polymeric facefilm of AutoGraph offers exceptional conformability, allowing it to seamlessly adhere to curved vehicle windows, maintaining your design's integrity.

  • Reliable Adhesion & Clean Removability: AutoGraph boasts enhanced adhesion capabilities while still allowing for clean and residue-free removability, ensuring your graphics stay put until you decide otherwise.

  • All-Weather Application: With a specially formulated adhesive, AutoGraph excels even in challenging conditions. Trust it for reliable application in cold weather environments, down to 0°C (32°F).

  • Trapped Air? No Problem: Worried about trapped air bubbles during application? AutoGraph's ingenious air release channels, spanning each perforation, facilitate easy air expulsion upon overlamination, resulting in a smooth and bubble-free finish.

  • Optical Clarity Overlaminate: Pair AutoGraph with Contra Vision's optically clear overlaminate CL50CY for a flawless finish. This 50-micron cast PVC overlaminate ensures top-notch optical clarity, protection, and suitability for all overlaminated applications, including curved vehicle windows.

  • Proven Performance: Contra Vision® AutoGraph™ is backed by patents US11,325,359B and EP3493980B, solidifying its position as a cutting-edge solution with a proven track record.

Elevate your branding game by choosing Contra Vision® AutoGraph™ Perforated Window Film from Kirin Global Supplies. Whether it's captivating vehicle graphics or other overlaminated applications, this film sets the standard for visual impact, easy installation, and long-lasting performance.

Why Overlaminate? While not always mandatory, using an overlaminate for perforated window films is highly recommended, especially for graphics exposed to water and dirt. Overlamination preserves see-through capability while offering additional protection.

Discover the future of vehicle graphics with Contra Vision® AutoGraph™. Place your order today and experience the innovation that's redefining advertising possibilities.

Note: Overlaminated perforated window film must be dry applied. Avoid aggressive squeegeeing or pricking bubbles, as they can compromise the material's integrity.

Elevate, captivate, and innovate with Contra Vision® AutoGraph™. Experience the difference at Kirin Global Supplies.

Please consult your local regulations and guidelines before applying window films to vehicles.

Extra Information

Contra Vision
To be used used in conjunction with our CL50CY. AutoGraph is suitable for vehicle graphics for other applications where an overlaminate is beneficial.
Film Type:
White on Black Perforated
Face Film:
Polymeric Calendered Vinyl
Transparent solvent polyacrylate with air egress channels
150micron (6mil)
40% (60/40)
Hole Diameter:
1.60mm (0.06”) diameter holes
Window Installation:
Outside Application
Minimum Application Temperature:
0°C (32°F)
3 years+
Liner Type:
Contra Vision® Universal Grayliner™
Print Technology:
Suitable for all printing technologies