Nikkalite 48000 Reflective Vinyl

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Nikkalite 48000 Reflective Vinyl

Nikkalite® Brand 48000 Series (ELG) reflective vinyl is a flexible, 5mil Engineer Grade 7 year retro-reflective sheeting that renders retroreflectivity at night. It is a product manufactured for use on fleet and vehicle markings where application to rivited and corrugated surfaces may be required. It is also used for commercial signage, stickers, decals, etc. Signs and stickers made with Nikkalite reflective vinyl are attractive in appearance and highly visible both day and night .

Coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive protected with an easily removable liner, this reflective vinyl sheeting is easy to handle because of its great flexibility and is capable of giving high retroreflectivity.

Best results are obtained when applied to flat surfaces, but it can be applied successfully to corrugated surfaces. It is also used on commercial signs and various labels and highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions.