Arlon Matte 18oz Scrim Banner 54" x 50yds (Forward Wound)

18 oz Scrim Banner
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18oz Scrim Banner

Our 18 oz. Block-out vinyl material is the heaviest banner material we carry in stock. This material is heavy-duty block-out material, meaning no light will show through. Most people use this material for outdoor banners but it can also be used indoors as well. 18 oz. block-out vinyl has a smooth touch and feel and it is more rigid when compared to the 15 oz.  material (also a block-out material). Like the 13 oz. matte vinyl, 18 oz. block-out vinyl has a small pattern weaved into the vinyl. If you look close-up you can see what can only be described as a waffle-cone like pattern. On the 13 oz. matte the pattern is rougher to the touch but the 18 oz. still maintains a smooth feel. If you look at the edge of the 18 oz. Block-out vinyl you can see a tiny black line in the center of the material, this is what ensures the block-out characteristic.