KGBOND SINGLE- Aluminum Composite Panel w/ Aluminum Backing

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Aluminum Composite Panel S/F 3mil White 48" x 96" are composed of a thermoplastic core of low density polyethylene, bonded to two sheets of aluminum using a sophisticated bonding process involving chemical adhesives and high temperatures. The painted surface of the aluminum sheet is coated with a wax-free high-performance polyester coating. The painted surface is protected with a removable masking to prevent scratching.




Overall Thickness: 3mm


Aluminum Skin: 0.15/0.006"


Sides: 1 Side, Pre-Painted w/ Aluminum Backing


Colors: White 


Sizes: 4'x8'


Please gives us a call (602.272.8655) to place orders with custom cuts and if you are interested in placing a bulk order for better pricing.

Oversize Item and will not ship outside of Arizona unless it has been approved by Kirin Global Supplies management.