FlexiSIGN Vinyl Cutting Software Version 12

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FlexiSIGN – Full-Featured Vinyl Cutting, All Flexi vinyl cutting features, Complete sign designer, Draw Tools, Text Tools, Object Tools, Auto Vectorization, Supports over 1,000 vinyl cutters. Flexi Software New Cutting Features: View and Change Vinyl Cut Order. Preview the order in which your vinyl graphics will be cut and change it according to your wishes. Reorder all colors of reorder cut sequence by color. Use Presets to reduce cutting time and speed job throughput. Contour Cut True Shape Nesting: Nesting groups images into the smallest possible space on your print or cut vinyl to reduce wasted space and reduce material cost. Now Flexi12 nest shapes even after a contour cut path has been applied. Flexi 12 smartly and automatically rotates and nests by actual shape. A page of decals can now be printed and cut with maximum efficiency and minimal waste. Artwork Approval Tool. Send your design via e-mail through the SAI server directly to your customer for approval and editing. Customers can preview, edit, and approve job changes in a web browser -but cannot print them or share them with your competitors. Automatically track projects and revisions. Establish a clear process of approvals and changes before production. This time-saving feature is now in all levels of Flexi 12. Other New Cutting Features: Select Multiple Files to Open or Import Support for QR Code and Data Metrix barcode. Generate QR codes right from Flexi. Also works with auto-serialization feature. Drawing placeholders for templates can now be scaled non-proportionally Send as e-mail now has Selection Only option. Flexi Software New Print Production Features: Fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10. Not supported with Windows XP/Vista. Banner and Canvas Finishing Tools: Finish banner and canvas jobs faster! Production Manager adds marks for placement of banner hem lines and grommets to printed image. Setup artwork with grommets, folds, stitch marks and bleeds. No more guesswork by banner finishing staff. Automatically apply presets to new jobs. New Quick View UI: The enhanced job view panel in Production Manager lets you view job-based Print, Rip or Hold Status and shows a large job preview in another window and job details directly below. Get essential job information quickly as you scroll through the queue. Nesting Alignment Controls: Nesting can now be done with more control over how jobs are aligned on the page. Align nested jobs in one click. Align nested jobs on a page or media roll, or align along the media edge for faster finishing or trimming. Other New Print Production Features: Improved Pure Hue with CleanColor™ - More vibrant solid colors using color management. Smoother Stochastic PDF/Postscript gradients - Especially at 0 to 5% gradients printed large. Add choke and bleed tool for white and metallic spot channels. New Pantone® Plus color libraries.